BONUS Wallet bot automatically generates a wallet address for you in TRON blockchains. We are currently working on other blockchain currencies. Select the wallet you want to open by clicking the 💼 Wallet button.

Check your public address for Tron Blockchain by clicking the 📥Deposit button to fill up to start tipping, sending transactions, making airdrops, and more! And 📤 for received transactions.

To start using the bot and its command you need to either deposit TRX or any token or receive any transaction, fees may apply depending on the command, in order to cover the network fees. Please check below.

✅ Watch your wallet! When transferring funds into it from an outside source, make sure you typed the address correctly, then check back your balance once the transaction has been confirmed on the network and you can start using the balance!

🌎 Group friendly BONUS Wallet is group friendly and intended to help you give out rewards to your loyal userbase! With our commands, with a simple message, you can start making transactions (and your users too!).

🚀How to start Below you will find buttons that contain all our options. Select your wallet in order to check your balance, transactions (received and sent from the bot!), and the details related to it. You can start using all the commands right away by adding our bot to your groups, or if you want to send a transaction directly to a user or TRON wallet, use the command /send and type in the user’s alias to start*! Or use the /tip, /airdrop or even /rain on your group to start making transactions! **

🔐 Full access: The address assigned is yours, you can get the 🔑 Private Key on your 💼 Wallet to access it on or any other available wallet.

🚨Keep in mind that it’s VERY important to keep your Private Key secure, do not share it with anyone!

📌Disclaimer Wallets and Private keys are managed by BONUS Developers Team and secured in a database to access them on your behalf in order to sign and create the outgoing transactions. It is not recommended to store large quantities of your tokens and any other Crypto goods, keep enough for airdrops, raindrops, fees, and any other command you are going to use. Keep in mind that transactions are queue, this means any asset destined by you to distribution will be locked until all transactions are made, if you spend tokens and the amount is insufficient, your users will be notified of this.

You can anytime Withdraw your earnings/tokens from your Wallet using the 📤Withdraw command free of charges, or using with your private key.

Please tap on any option below to know more about our commands. * Receiving user needs to either start the bot or be in a group with it to get their information. ** Bot needs to be added first to the group for it to work.