‼️Terms of Service “

📌Disclaimer Wallets and Private keys are managed by BONUS Developers Team, and secured in a database to access them on your behalf in order to sign and create the outgoing transactions. It is not recommended to store large quantities of your tokens and any other Crypto goods, keep enough for airdrops, raindrops, fees and any other command you are going to use. Keep in mind that transactions are queue, this means any asset destined by you to a distribution will be locked until all transactions are made, if you spend tokens and the amount is insufficient, your users will be notified of this.

You can anytime Withdraw your earnings/tokens from your Wallet using the 📤Withdraw command free of charges, or using tronscan.org with your private key.

By using the BOT you agree to everything we said above, and not to share your private information. This can change anytime and you’ll be notified of any update.