Tipping is one of our commands you can use on groups to send cryptos.

How it works❓

The bot needs to be added to a group, and you be part of it, reply to the message of the user you want to send the tip with the format below, and done!


/tip [Quantity] [Token]
Example: /tip 1 BONUS
It will tip 1 BONUS from your wallet to the replied user’s wallet.

Note: Please keep in mind that the brackets “[]” are NOT part of the command, they’re to indicate a placeholder.

📍Fee Every transaction with the /tip command is 0.1 TRX or 1 BONUS.

* Keep in mind that you also need Bandwidth (and Energy in case of TRC20) to make transactions, after the 5,000 daily free Bandwidth, the Tron network will deduct TRX and burn it for Bandwidth. this is NOT our fee.

⚙️Commands for admin group You can disable or enable the usage of the tip command on your group using /toggletip on the group. By default, tip command is enabled for everyone.